Horror on the Hill

(1st session) Fyrmont 1st: Party embarks to the hill. The party agrees to pay 15 gp for ferrying across the river. They landed on the northern clearing and entered the environs of the Hill (Area 2). The party took the western pathway into Area 3 (wild flower field). They went northwest, spotting a giant bee in Area 4. The party killed the drones, with Sam’s and Keith’s characters taking poison damage. They killed the queen bee, tore into the beehive, and took the honeycombs. The party also took the poison from each of the bees. A horned chameleon came upon the party, but felt they were not worth the trouble. They went back to rest at the Fort for the next 4 days. Fyrmont 5th: Party crosses back across the river to the hill. They explored along their previous trail, delving further into the Hill’s expanses. A hobgoblin scout was taken prisoner found off the side of the trail by Jamie and Dave. They came upon a clearing on a hillside (Areas 7 and 8). After exploring some, they found a statue of some unknown fiend. They determined that it was defaced (eyes missing, wings broken) but that had been some time ago. The weathering on the statue indicated that this happened some time in the past. After the examination, the party entered a cave in the same clearing and killed 6 giant bats. After much debate, the party decided not to take the bat guano. After leaving Jamie with the prisoner at the bat cave, the party meandered around, finding the berries in Area 6. They took all 36 berries and went to talk to the old ladies of Area 13. After some skepticism, Julio agreed to enter and made a deal to kill the ogre in Area 14. All retreated back to the bat cave. This ended at noon on the 5th of Fyrmont.

(2nd session) Fyrmont 5th continued: Party went to the ogre cave. After scouting the outside of the cave, Todd went up to the cave entrance and tried to open it while everyone else covered him with missile weapons (Keith was next to Todd). Todd couldn’t open the door so he then used the handle (a crude iron ring) to knock. After a few seconds, the door opened up and a small ogre peeked its head out. The rest of the party riddled the ogre with arrows, dropping him. His sibling, further into the cave, charged out of the cave to meet the same fate. The party reconvened and Keith, Julio, and Todd all decided to slip into the cave. While there, Julio turned and called to the rest of the party. At this point, the male ogre came out of the darkness (with Julio having failed his Spot and Listen checks) and slammed into Julio, dealing a critical blow that knocked him out (he stabilized later). Keith began backing up with Todd. The male charged again, knocking out Todd. Keith continued to the entrance, dragging an unconscious Todd. The ogre caught up and felled Keith. Jamie, standing at the entrance, was ready to rush in to help, but Dave cast silent image and made it look like a gnomish brigade was attacking. The male ogre focused on them, while the female gathered up the children and retreated back into the cave. As the male ogre fought against the illusions, the party pelted him with arrows and killed him. Todd bled out and died; the rest of the party was recovered and the male ogre’s head was taken back to the old ladies (Area 13). Rosabella and Rosalinda healed the party, and committed Todd’s body to burial. Bill was introduced to the party as a new healer and the party went back to the ogre’s cave. As they watched the cave, 2 Neanderthals ventured up to the cave entrance, exploring cave, then left. Keith and Jamie followed, saw them get in a fight with 2 hobgoblins, killed them, and then took their food and their javelins. One took a sword thrust to the left arm. Keith and Jamie looted the corpses and returned to the party. They decided to open the door, to which Dave said “Push it that’s why you couldn’t get it open before!” Finding it stuck, they used muscle to push in past the barred door. Exploring they found the well room (which was presumed a gelantinous ooze), the children ogres room, with their corpses on their beds. One had a stuffed goblin tucked under one arm. Dave coup de graced them (even though they were dead) and the party continued to explore. They found the female ogre in her room, past out from drink and grief. After a volley of terrible fire, they surrounded her and killed her. The party found the wine and gold, as well as the goblin slaves. The goblins are now kept in a locked room with the hobgoblin. The party decided to rest here for the night before continuing back out into the wilderness.

(3rd Session) Fyrmont 6th: The party met with Tamas and Todd’s new characters. After a brief hillside meeting, they wandered down into Area 12 and had a brief encounter with the hobgoblins. After a retreat, they skirted the hillside to a path further north and followed the path away from the hobgoblin clearing. The path ended in a large clearing where 4 ghouls charged the party. The ghouls were taken out at range with arrows. The party found an abandoned cemetery, where Matt debated the virtues of exhuming corpses and looting them versus the negative connotations of the religious aspects of digging up a dead body. After deciding against grave robbing, the party continued onwards, following a path leading off to the eastern forest. Upon entering the ruins, they saw an ogre seated, smoking a cigar. After spotting the party, the ogre stood up and charged the party. Dave’s character cast silent image again, and the ogre was baffled from the Neanderthals charging out of the undergrowth. Keith ran up to join the fray, and was promptly beat back down. The rest of the party downed the ogre as he was messing with the images. After reviving Keith, the party examined the crevasse in the middle of the ruins. Todd crept up to the edge, and fell unconscious. After some rolls, the characters have determined that the crevasse is covered in Brown Mold, and Todd was unconscious from cold damage. They also found that it was a hyperthermophile, something that grows from heat. The PCs went to investigate the southern buildings, finding a former barracks. The party rested there until Todd was back up and conscious. They found some remains of the former occupants, swords, banners, dishes, but nothing living. After this, the party went and explored the eastern end of the pool. Finding giant centipedes, they left it alone, and inspected a mausoleum. Todd opened the door, and climbed up on the statue found within. Todd caused 12 skeletons to awaken and attack the party. After dragging down Dave, Nathan turned and destroyed all twelve skeletons. The party searched, found a magical dagger and some other weapons, and then retreated to the ogre cave for the night.

(4th Session) Fyrmont 7th: The party first heard weird noises from the prisoners cave. Upon inspection, they had found that the hobgoblin had been eaten by the goblins and there was apparently another, formerly overlooked gnome in the confines. The party released the gnome, who promptly joined the party (Joe’s character). After deciding who was staying and who was leaving, the party left, consisting of Dave, Nathan, Jamie, Tamas, Todd, Matt, Joe, and Sam playing Julio. They investigated the overgrown garden and were attacked by 9 goblins, one shouting they would be rewarded by the one The party marched again up the mountain side, and went back into the ruins, this time to the front door. After opening it, they found that the inside was decorated with 11 statues total, 8 in a circle around the center one, and 2 others at the NE and SE corners, though these were decisively smaller. A Knowledge check allowed the party to realize that they were seeing depictions of devils up to an Imp; the check was not enough to allow for anything higher. They found the smaller 2 statues, examined them, and found a small tarnished bronze plaque. Also, they found that the statues hands moved so that the two secret doors that the statues stood beside would swing open. The party went into the northern door, found a small, five foot wide corridor running east to west. They followed it west, which ended with a door on the west wall and one on the north. Opening the western door, the party was confronted with two ogres. The party won, though with considerable wounds to them.

(5th Session) Fyrmont 7th: The party searched the room, found a couple of greatclubs, the beds, and a trunk. Opening the trunk revealed the jugs of wine (later emptied) and found the sacks of gold and silver. They took the bags of silver and gold, as well as the snot filled ogre bag. After opening the next western door, they freed the Neanderthals from the prison, arming them with the greatclubs. The party then opened the northern door in the hallway, finding a collapsed roof. Continuing down the corridor, the party found another room with some goblinoids. They entered, and the others in the room woke up, and attacked the party. Out of the encounter, one goblin (which was hiding in the room, but now fled the compound) and two hobgoblins (which have gone below to alert the others down there).

(6th Session) Fyrmont 8th: The party returned to the ruins, explored around some, found 2 ogre zombies, but left them be. They also found the armory, removing everything from there, and taking it back to the town.

(7th Session) Fyrmont 9th and 10th: 9th – Nathan made 8 scrolls and Matt made dust of disappearance. Hobgoblins from Area 12 have retreated into Area 38 on the 9th of Fyrmont. 10th – Party set out and encountered a random ogre. They killed it with a hail of arrows and never went into melee. The party entered the ruins and went back into the dining hall. They found 2 ogre zombies, 5 goblin and hobgoblin zombies, as well as a cadre of hobgoblin troops. The room was set up in a funnel type barricade; the party, after a barrage of thrown javelins from the hobgoblins, lit the barricade up with a burning hands spell. They closed the door to the sounds of the hobgoblins retreating to “let the others deal with it”. The party retreated back down to the room with the secret doors and the zombies filed down like lambs to the slaughter. One of the ogre zombies also followed and was likewise killed. The party paused at this juncture; with the other ogre zombie still in the corridor.

(8th Session) Fyrmont 10th – The party lured the ogre zombie into the blood sacrifice room and closed the door on him. They then proceeded into the dining room and descended the stairs. As the party began removing the barricades at the bottom of the stairs, Bugbears attacked from the north corridor. Marcus tried some balancing routines, but fell into the debris. Two bugbears were killed, and the third retreated back down the corridor. This time, once the party was looting the bugbears, the goblins and hobgoblins from the south attacked. After the goblin shock troopers were killed, the hobgoblins retreated, and the party did the same, back to the ogre cave. The party did manage to recover a battleaxe from one of the bugbears. At this point, they have found out that there is more to the temple than what is originally assumed. The goblinoids were mutated and called out to Grandfather Nurgle. The PCs correctly assumed that the disease afflicting the goblinoids was warptouch, the exposure to pure chaos.

(9th Session) Fyrmont 11th – Party set out again from the cave, reached the dining room and found a razorwire trap set across the corridor. After carefully removing it and keeping the wire, they went back into the dining hall. The scout took major damage from another trap set across the doorway; a hanging battleaxe in a scythe type of a trap. Once inside, the PCs faced a group of raised zombies, as well as fresh, organized recruits. There was also an ogre zombie within the room. (They killed off 6 goblin zombies, 10 hobgoblins, ogre zombie, 9 goblins, and defeated 1 more hobgoblin). Once the battle was over, the players interrogated the hobgoblin, who could tell them little about anything about the Hill. Short tempered, Mordecai executed him quickly. The Traladarans got upset at this treatment, the Traladarans nonetheless went along. When the PCs got back to the entrance hall, they heard ogre voices coming from within the room. At this point, there was a party breaking, where Kai Erik (played by Dianna) and Katerina (Jaime) went off to another room, scaled up to the roof, and then escaped. The rest of the party opted to rest in the former armory and wait things out. Katerina and Kai both circled back around, charged into the entrance room, and killed both ogres (one was already unconscious). They chose to reunite with the party, where Mordecai denounced them, and said if you leave with the trading houses stuff, you will be branded as traitors and hunted. Katerina walked off, as did Kai. Kai was slain, and Katerina fell, not before all gnomes but Stucharia fell. Matt (Stucky) left Katerina, but took her bow. He left with the Traladarans hauling the corpses. They have made it back into the Fort as of dusk that night.

(10th Session) Fyrmont 12th (night)- Katerina awoke in the cells below the temple. She escaped from her cell by picking the shoddy lock with the handle of her chamber pot. She snuck upon the jailor and slaughtered him with some of the torture equipment found there. He also saw a hobgoblin in another cell with a withered arm. She armed herself, and then released the hobgoblin, both promising to work together to make their way out. She threw the keys into a locked cell (the fourth cell). She wandered around, finding most of her gear in room 47. She returned to the main corridor, and proceeded to the smithy. She and the hobgoblin charged into the room when there were only 2 guards in there, and with the help of a dwarf, killed the 2 hobgoblins within the room. After rearming themselves, they discussed whether they might be able to douse the forges and climb out the chimney. They then went to the stairwell and heard a mass of goblin voices coming from upstairs. They also spotted two goblins who had also escaped the cells (they were in the 4th cell). They retraced their footsteps and found a human rogue, who then joined the party. They went south and found an arena with 2 dogs guarding the piles of items (one dog has wings). They left and continued south. They came upon a door, and entered, where they fought and killed most of the goblins in the room (one escaped and ran to alert everyone else). The fight ended and so did the game session.

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